From Scarcity to Abundance

September 1, 2019


If I mention “The Fyre Festival,” how many of you know what I’m talking about? The Fyre festival was supposed to be the best music festival on the planet. For thousands of dollars, you could hop on a private jet to Pablo Escobar’s island, rent out a fancy villa, listen to hot musical groups while eating gourmet-chef prepared food. The target crowd was rich millennials who had money to burn. Rich millennials who were looking for experiences since they already own everything they could ever want.

What ensued was the most spectacular failure of the year, maybe even the decade. The island they found did not have the infrastructure for all the tickets that were sold. Talent started backing out at the last minute. Money was being poured in, with the host, Billy McFarlene taking his fair share and not producing the luxury experience he promised. The fancy condos were FEMA tents. The gourmet food turned out to be cheese sandwiches. People arrived expecting a show, and ultimately, there was no show. They were ready to eat, drink, and be merry…but they had just spent all their money on one of the biggest cons ever put on by one person. This group of Fyre festival enthusiasts turned into a group of rich fools.

Bible References

  • Luke 12:13 - 21