Hope for the Struggle

March 5, 2017




Over the last four months I’ve participated in a number of conversations with other Mennonites about the new reality here in the United States. In these conversations people name at least three aspects of our new reality, which I list here in no particular order.

  1. The reigning political climate openly vilifies immigrants and refugees, some of the very people the Bible urges us to care for.
  2. Blatant, open racism is on the rise.
  3. Some of the events and statements during the recent national election coarsely demeaned women.

The question I’ve frequently been hearing Mennonites ask is this:  how will this new reality change our mission? Given the new reality we live in, how will our mission as a church shift in the next two to four years? How will it change the way we think? The way we act?

Bible References

  • Matthew 4:1 - 11