November 15, 2015


I am possibly the worst person in this congregation to do a sermon on hospitality. I am one of the most inhospitable persons I know of. As an introvert, I prefer talking one-on-one with people instead of meeting with larger groups. I like to cook, even to cook for larger groups, but I’m not enthusiastic about serving as the host for a group of people. I’m happy to go to someone else’s house for a meal, but to have people come to my house is a different story. Jenny is much better at hospitality than I. Simply put, I’m not a very good host. I pretty much stink at hospitality.
Many of you are really gifted at hospitality. I know it because I’ve been in many of your homes and watched how you function both there and here at church. You extend hospitality with ease and grace, with warmth and love. This church is what it is partly because of your gift of hospitality. One of you should really be doing this sermon, not I.

Bible References

  • Genesis 18:1 - 10