Inauspicious Openings

September 10, 2023




This summer at Mennonite Convention I went to an excellent workshop by Michelle Hershberger, Bible and Ministry professor at Hesston College. Senper was also at this one with me and I know some of our youth enjoyed her other workshops.

Michelle was sharing about Hesston’s work on teaching biblical literacy through focusing on the big narrative, the big story of the bible. She said, you know, you need a hook to hang your hat on. And she kept picking up her hat and trying to hang it (with no hook).

We have all these individual Bible stories that we learn, she said. But how do they all work together? What does creation have to do with Abraham and Sarah have to do with the flood? Have to do with Jesus? What is the BIG sweep of the story? I need a hook to hang my hat on!

Bible References

  • Genesis 18:1 - 15
  • Genesis 21:1 - 7