It’s All God’s

November 22, 2020



Back in the spring, the Stewardship and Finance Commission asked me to prepare a sermon on stewardship. Many stewardship sermons I’ve heard are boring, and after hearing this one you might think it’s also boring. Sermons about stewardship generally try to construct biblical and theological arguments for practicing responsible, faithful stewardship. Those can be very good sermons because knowing scripture and theology are crucial for the life of faith.

However, I want to take a different approach today. I want to begin with a simple biblical and theological affirmation, which Psalm 24:1 puts pungently:  everything and everyone in the world belong to God. Period. You and I belong to God. Our children and friends belong to God. The rabbits in our front yard and the squirrels in our back yard belong to God. Every maple tree in Goshen belongs to God. Our homes and bank accounts and investment portfolios belong to God. There are no exceptions. It’s all God’s.

Bible References

  • Psalm 24:1