Jesus Go

September 2, 2016


I first heard about the game, Pokémon Go, at the July 10 church picnic, when 3 of the youth left to go catch Pokémon. I remembered the game from when my kids were little, but hadn’t yet heard about this new version, which is an app you can download onto your phone and requires the players to walk to physical locations in their community. I hadn’t heard about this version of the game because it was only released a few days earlier. Already, in just a few days, it had captured and engaged many players. While on our vacation this summer, our oldest son, Ben, played it, and we saw parks filled with people playing this game.

I have known for quite a while that I was going to preach on some aspect of Faith Formation this Sunday. And so, when I observed this phenomenon sweeping the country it intrigued me, and I wondered what, if any, were the connections or takeaways between this game and what we are trying to do in forming faith. My intent was not to endorse the game, but nor did I want to be quick to judge it or condemn it. I truly was curious and intrigued with what was happening.

Bible References

  • Deuteronomy 6:4 - 9
  • Deuteronomy 6:20 - 25
  • Mark 1:16 - 20