Jesus Tending Community and God’s Mission

September 17, 2017


Last week we considered the spiritual formation work that Jesus needed to engage…in order to prepare him for the mission he was sent on. Jesus submitted himself to be identified with the fresh spiritual awakening that was occurring. John the Baptist offered a baptism of repentance and Jesus chose to participate even though repentance didn’t seem necessary. We noted how the Spirit confirmed his son-ship with sight and sound.
Jesus, now FULL of the Holy Spirit and on a spiritual high, was brought face to face with 3 key vocational tests by the evil one in the wilderness. He navigated them by relying on the ancient words of the tradition given to the Jewish faith community. If we want to be followers of Jesus, it seems to me that we must answer these same three vocational tests as well…so that we can stay focused on the central mission of God in the world.

Bible References

  • Luke 4:14 - 21