Keep on a Prayin’

September 30, 2018


I met her in Guatemala…

a mother of 8 and a persistent woman!

When she and her husband decided to build a home for their growing family in Guatemala City, she did the paper work for access to land and petitioned for a building permit


When nothing happened she kept showing up at the office that was refusing to let this INDIGINOUS person move ahead on a property.

But she just kept on bugging the authorities until her petition was approved.

THEN…through subsequent years (with her babies in tow),

she KEPT working on behalf of her neighborhood and petitioning for access to electricity, then later for running water, then for sewers.

Even though she got rebuffed and had monumental hassles, those in power finally gave in and gave this woman’s neighborhood attention…

just to get her off their backs!

Bible References

  • Luke 18:1 - 8