Loss and Redemption

August 31, 2014




The story of Ruth and Naomi is a story of profound, painful loss. In previous sermons this month, we’ve talked in some detail about the losses they experienced. Now in chapter 4, the story turns wonderfully toward redemption: Ruth and Naomi bounce back into the good life. Ruth marries a sterling man named Boaz; they give birth to a healthy son named Obed; and Naomi becomes a joyful grandmother. In fact, the English text of chapter 4 uses words like redeem and redemption seven times. The story clearly wants us to think about redemption.

Not everyone experiences redemption exactly like Ruth and Naomi did. Some people lose a spouse, but never remarry like Ruth did. Some people face the loss of infertility, but never have a child like Obed. Some people emigrate to a new country, but never marry a local citizen who rescues them from poverty, like Ruth did. Some older people want to become grandparents, but never become one like Naomi did.

Our stories are different. Yet the story of Ruth and Naomi compels us to look for redemption in our own stories. After your losses, where have you experienced God’s redemption? After the pain and agony you felt, how did God come to you? The book of Ruth wants you and me to look for the pathways of redemption that we have experienced in our own live

Bible References

  • Ruth 4:1 - 22