Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….Reflecting God’s Image

January 26, 2014


I love the bodies of babies and young children. It amazes me how they enter the world with everything they need in order to survive‐‐healthy lungs that breathe and support their strong voices, digestive systems that take in food and expel what is not needed. And yet, these bodies are vulnerable, weak‐‐most newborns can’t hold their own heads up. But each day, those little vulnerable bodies get stronger and stronger, until within weeks, they can hold up their own heads, they can smile, and within months, are rolling over, crawling and then standing. The human body is truly remarkable!

And we delight in these little bodies. We see babies, we hold babies, and regardless of whose baby it is, most of us nestle, nuzzle, smell, kiss, tickle and hug these little bodies. We tolerate all the messy bodily functions of these little people, even smiling or laughing at the burps and other noises which escape from these bodies. We kiss their toes, we breathe in the lovely baby smell of them! We delight in and celebrate the little bodies of all the babies that are part of our congregation‐‐Isaac, Thiago, Luke, Theo, Abram, Abigail, Brennan.

Bible References

  • Genesis 1:26 - 31
  • Psalm 139:1 - 1
  • Psalm 139:13 - 18