On the Way

February 8, 2015


One Sunday a few years ago when I was on vacation, I visited another congregation here in Goshen. The congregation I visited was in the middle of a summer series on faith stories where each Sunday a different person from the congregation told their own faith history. On the Sunday of my visit, the person who spoke was a thoughtful, articulate forty-something man who bared his soul to us. Among other things, he admitted that even though he had been attending this church for 8 years, he had not yet become a member. In fact, he was not sure what he believed about God or the Bible or the future of the world. However, he wasn’t too worried about these questions of belief because correct belief simply wasn’t important to him. He wasn’t attending church because he believed certain things about God. No, he was attending church because of the good relationships he had with other people sitting there that morning. The people in the church were his friends, and those friendships made him feel a part of the congregation. He wasn’t there for the beliefs because he had lots of questions about belief.

Bible References

  • Mark 1:1 - 3