Overwhelmed by God

November 1, 2020


The first Sunday of every November is All Saints Sunday, also known as All Souls Sunday. I have now been with you here at Berkey long enough for the lectionary to come back around to me, and the Revelation reading for this week is a text I have already preached on! While I’m sure none of you remember the sermon I gave on this date 3 years ago, the great thing about the lectionary is the bevy of texts it gives us for each week. Our scripture this week comes from 1 John.

I also believe this is a particularly poignant time in our history to be reflecting on all saints. As the US nears or has now possibly surpassed 226,000 deaths, many of us are aware of people who have lost someone due to COVID. Our community right now is hard hit with this virus, and we want to also thank and remember those who risk exposure daily to provide essential services and care. We also want to remember that our Latinx and Black neighbors who have been hit particularly hard with cases. As we delve further into this passage, let us keep all these things in mind.

Bible References

  • 1 John 3:1 - 3