Praying with What Distracts Us

July 28, 2013


One day not long ago I sat down to pray for 20 minutes. On this particular day, I sat in my black leather chair in my study at home. First I took a minute or two to slow down and become more aware of God’s presence which is always around us and through us, closer than flesh to fingernails. All was blessedly quiet. I found it easy to concentrate. It didn’t last long, however. Around minute 4, distractions started to set in. I remembered an email I needed to write to someone in the congregation, so I briefly got
out of the chair, went to the desk, and wrote a note to myself. Easing back in the chair, I restarted my praying. At about minute 6, my nose itched, and at minute 13, my back did the same. Both times I briefly broke my concentration to scratch.

At minute 9, I started daydreaming about retirement and what that might be like. My thoughts wandered off to some sunny but not too hot location where my seasonal affective disorder wouldn’t ever bother me. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was daydreaming, not praying. So I released thoughts of retirement and gently refocused on God.

Bible References

  • Luke 11:1 - 13