Putting Faith in Doubt

April 28, 2019


It is really difficult to give a sermon on belief and unbelief after this week. It’s actually been really difficult to do anything this week. Deb Detweiler was my academic advisor, my professor, my voice teacher, my choir director, and my friend, not to mention a fellow member of my congregation. My life was better with having her in it, and now there’s a hole where her life and love took up space in my heart. I imagine I’m not alone in this feeling.

This sermon is about how our scripture passage for this morning calls us to wrestle with belief and unbelief. How it calls us to be honest with ourselves, and how maybe in Thomas we can see a little bit of ourselves and therefore give ourselves permission to question this thing called belief. And how maybe others see themselves in the role of the disciples.

Bible References

  • John 20:19 - 31