Singleness and the Church

January 25, 2015



If you’re on Facebook you know how it works – you find something interesting – an article, a picture, whatever -­‐ and you share it on your wall for your friends to see. A little over a year ago I read a blog post by Christena Cleveland entitled “Singled Out: How Churches Can Embrace Unmarried Adults” that I thought was really well written, so I shared it on my Facebook wall and also emailed the link to several friends. This was also right about the time we were doing a series here at Berkey on sexuality and had a Sunday on singleness. I commented to Dan soon after that that singles in the church is such a complex issue and there is so much to say about it. Dan, being the resourceful guy that he is, slyly asked me if I would be willing to speak about it sometime. In a moment of weakness, I said yes, mostly bolstered by that blog post and lots of reading I’ve done over the years. So, here I am.

Bible References

  • Romans 8:18 - 28