Tell God I Say Yes

December 23, 2018




Billy was a kid in the neighborhood who had a rough edge, a rowdy kid who pushed other people’s buttons.
He hung out with my younger brothers and was in and out of our home. One day when Billy was 10 years old, my Mom got a call from Billy’s mom, a single parent with an only child, and what she said was startling, “Mrs. Richer, I know you don’t know me very well, and this may seem like an outrageous request , but I have cancer and if I die, I need a good home for Billy. Will you take Billy into your family in the event of my death?”

Woe! My mom hardly knew this woman. Billy’s mom worked full time and had no church and seemingly no good support system, so she just looked around and saw that our family might be a potentially good landing place for her son.

Bible References

  • Luke 1:26 - 55