The Fountain of Hospitality

May 7, 2017


Four weeks ago today, on April 9, United Airlines in Chicago removed a doctor, David Dao, from a plane by forcibly dragging him out of his seat. Other passengers filmed the incident on their smart phones and uploaded the video to social media. On the video you can hear the doctor screaming that he doesn’t want to get off the plane because he has to get back home in order to treat patients the following day. The video shows the doctor with blood on his face, violently being dragged down the aisle and off the plane. Airline officials later said they needed the doctor’s seat for an airline employee.

The incident caused an enormous backlash from around the world. The price of United Airlines stock fell in the markets. People talked about boycotting United flights in the future. Investigations and reviews were promised.

Bible References

  • Psalm 23:5 - 6