The In Between

April 16, 2023




The eleven disciples went to Galilee. Eleven.

I usually breeze past this part, but let’s slow down a bit. Imagine the state of this group.

What had transpired the last few days was certainly close at heart for each of them. Even their group has changed. One of them is missing. And Jesus has been crucified after they witnessed the entire crowd turning against him, the One who they followed and loved. The disciples no doubt fear for their own lives.

And now the women have come with news that Jesus has been raised from the dead and they are to go to Galilee to see him.

Do they trust in this proclamation? Do they believe that their Lord will be where he has said he would be? Or are they skeptical, unsure, self-protecting? Do they go to Galilee ecstatic? Fearful? Heartbroken? Hopeful? Probably all of these.

Maybe they are running and maybe they are limping toward Galilee.

Christ is risen, but the disciples are still looking for Jesus.

Bible References

  • Matthew 28:16 - 20