The March of the Kingdoms

April 14, 2019




With a high school band or soldiers in basic training, one of the first things taught is how to march.  And that’s not an easy task.  Learning how to march takes practice, hours and hours of practice.  Hours and hours spent paying attention to even the slightest details.  The length of the stride.  The pace of the walk.  The swing of the arm, the lift of the knee, the posture of the back. It takes hard, hard work to notice and to correct any minute deviation from complete uniformity, and it gets more difficult as the group gets larger.

Marching takes obedience.  It takes discipline.  It takes a willingness to give up your individual style of walking so that only the group is noticed.  In fact, that’s the very reason why people march.  A march intends to communicate something important about the marchers and who they represent.  A march doesn’t happen by accident.

Bible References

  • Luke 19:28 - 40