The Master’s Touch

May 1, 2016




On the corner of Neil and Forsythe Avenues in Columbus, Ohio, you will find a hair salon called The Master’s Touch. The proprietors are Christina and Ed Anderson, an inter-racial couple who’ve owned this hair salon for more than 20 years. When we lived in Columbus, I usually went there so Christina could cut my hair—this was back in the days when I actually had some hair that needed to be cut. I went partly because it was convenient. Her salon was located just a few blocks from the church, so I could stop in on my way home or step out of the office to get my hair cut at lunch.

What really kept me coming back was the way Christina operated her business. At first I couldn’t quite figure out what made Christina’s salon unique. After the third or fourth visit I realized the name of her business had a double meaning. Not only does “The Master’s Touch” suggest that she and Ed are master hair cutters (which they are), the name also slyly hints that through their work Jesus the Master will indirectly touch their customers. When I finally caught the double meaning of the name, I knew why I wanted to keep coming back. It was because the Spirit of Jesus permeated the salon.

Bible References

  • Matthew 20:29 - 34