The More of God

February 11, 2018


In 1975, I climbed a mountain.

In actuality it was probably just a big hill, and it was behind our short-term voluntary service unit in San Clemente, California. (We were there to help in the resettlement of the boat people who had escaped from Viet Nam.) That morning I’d read an article encouraging women to train for work in the Church. Well, I was working with immigrants on behalf of the church. I had taught in a Church related School, but there were some stiff boundaries around how women’ gifts could be used. (I had never met a woman pastor).

But that day on the mountaintop, looking out onto the vast Pacific Ocean, it seemed like God’s possibilities were as endless as those waves. There I was pouring out my questions and asking God for direction, when I heard: “Go. Go receive training. Go for me.”

So I descended the mountain, returned to our apartment and wrote to our seminary for an application, having no idea where it might lead.

Bible References

  • Luke 9:28 - 36