The Other Half of the Story

December 29, 2019


For the last twenty years, I’ve read the New York Times nearly every day. It’s not my only source of news, but it has been my main source of news. I don’t read the whole paper every day because that would take too long. Instead I generally focus on national and international news, along with some of the principal columnists.

What we choose to read, what we choose to look at, and who we choose to listen to will always shape our worldview. So it’s no surprise that after reading the New York Times for twenty years, I have inevitably begun to see the world through the eyes of its editors, columnists, and reporters. What they choose to write about is what I read; what they believe to be true is what I believe to be true; the worldview they have is the worldview that often shapes my own thinking.

Bible References

  • Revelation 12:1 - 9