The Source of Joy

December 27, 2020


This morning I want to speak with you about the source of our joy.

To do that, allow me to introduce Harry, who is almost never joyful. Harry is slightly imaginary, a figure pulled together with bits and pieces from the lives of many people, woven into one slightly fictional person.

Harry is one of the most miserable Mennonites you would ever want to meet. He has a lot going for him, so you might suppose he would be joyful. He’s smart, well-educated, and has always had meaningful jobs that paid well. Neither he nor his family ever worries about money, because they always have so much money they can afford to be exceptionally generous. His extended family life is also rich: as a son, he loves his parents; as a brother, he is faithful to his siblings; and as a father, he is devoted to his children. Moreover, he has attended church all his life and willingly serves on committees when asked. Given all these advantages and blessings, you would think he’d be full of joy.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 61:10 - 11