The Threat

December 28, 2014




Who would have thought that Mary would pose a threat to Herod?

King Herod was one of the great men of the world. His father was Antipater, a man who had lots of wealth and influence. His mother was a Nabataean princess. He was born in 73 BCE and died in March or April in the year 4 BCE.
Mary was one of the lesser women of the world. Like millions of other people who have trod the face of this earth, the historical record does not know does the historical record know the names of her parents. Neither does the historical record know when she was born or when she died. The Gospel of James says that her parents were named Anne and Joachim, but that book was written in the second century, long after Mary died, and no one is really certain that those were their names.

Bible References

  • Matthew 1:1 - 12