The Time Between the Times

August 20, 2017


In the spring of 1972 I started a love affair with the writings of Luke… the traditionally accredited author of “The Gospel of Luke” and “Acts of the Apostles.” I’ll blame Professor Howard Charles with leading me down this path.

Luke is the only gentile writer of Biblical text. His two volume record has a unique blend of stories that links the Christ event to the context of world events. Luke is a gifted writer and storyteller with a particular interest and perspective in charting the course of salvation history as it moves from a Jewish/Jerusalem centered faith to its current global expression. He is intent in showing that movement as the movement of God from a centered set mentality to God’s activity and grace on the periphery. He includes the most stories placing women, Samaritans and other non-Jews in a positive light of any Biblical writer.

Bible References

  • Luke 1:1 - 4
  • Acts 1:1 - 5