The Wheat and Weeds

July 20, 2014



Since I have been living in Illinois, I’ve been hanging out with a group of Catholic young adults in an attempt to finds friends in a new city. The local parish held an event on Wednesdays in June called Theology on tap. Young adults get together for supper and listen to a speaker present on some spiritual topic.
The second week of the series was called stump the bishop. I was pretty jazzed. I have a couple theological bones to pick with the Catholic Church and was at least curious what other folks had to say. The floor was open and the bishop offered answers on any theological question. The first one legitimately astonished me. It was,“Bishop, are we assigned our guardian angels at conception, birth, or confirmation?”
It was one of those moments when you become starkly aware of the very small thought world you actually live in. For however broad I think my interests are, angels included, they haven’t even considered the existence of guardian angels in some time.

Bible References

  • Matthew 13:24 - 30
  • 13:36 - 43