What Makes a Good Life?

December 31, 2017



What makes for a good life?
You can find one vision of a good life at a blog called mrmoneymustache.com. Since 2011 the host of this website, who calls himself Mr. Money Mustache, has been handing out opinioned arguments on how people ought to be managing their money and their work lives. His basic point is that most people spend too much of their income, don’t save enough for the future, and consequently work far longer in the corporate rat race than they need to. His solution is to live frugally starting in college, save as much as possible, then quit working as soon as you can so you can live off your investments and do what you actually enjoy doing. He and his wife followed this very plan. In 2005, they quit their corporate jobs when they were 30 and have since been living off their investments, along with whatever money they earn doing things they enjoy. They continue living frugally, yet they enjoy a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle. Their total expenses in 2016 for a family of 3 were only $30,000.

Bible References

  • Luke 2:22 - 40