Wild Courage

March 11, 2018




Today we are in the wilderness with the people who’ve been liberated!

With those who have been FREED …

With those whom God has FED everyday for forty years,

With those who have been trusting the CLOUD of Presence to be out ahead and lead into the PROMISE.

We are here with these who’ve stayed the course through all the the wilderness struggles,

(not without groaning & complaining)

But with commitment to keep on following  the liberating God.

BUT NOW…well now the future looks dim…

And TRUST is turning to JELLO!…

The people God has shepherded

are  immobilized by their fears!

THEIR spies have peered into the promise…

And report that:

“Everyone we saw there was ENORMOUS in size. 

Yes, and we saw GIANTS there.

We felt like Grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”

Bible References

  • Numbers 3:26 - 28
  • Numbers 3:31 - 33
  • John 14:27 - 31