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The Leadership Discernment Team (LDT): Abbe Buller, Ruth Roth, Mark Yoder, and Dan Schrock, are pleased that the following persons have agreed to serve on our commissions and in other roles. We will vote to affirm these persons during the June 3 worship service. If you would like an absentee ballot, you will find it here; please return it to one of the LDT members before June 3.

BAMF Servant Leadership Ballot for 2018-2019
(Terms are 2 years unless otherwise noted.)

Spiritual Leadership Team/Elders:
Richard Aguirre
Clare Krabill
Caregiving Commission/Deacons:
Sarah Morrison
Christian Education Commission:
Justin Heinzekehr
Andrea Bontrager Yoder
Fellowship Commission:
Vanessa Adcock
Beth Birky
Anita Snyder
Marcia Weaver
Mission Commission:
Jenny Miller
Stewardship and Finance Commission:
Al Weldy
Worship Commission:
Lois Mast
Greg Smucker
Creation Care Coordinator:
Jennifer Schrock
Congregational Chairperson:
Dan Nafziger (1-year term)
Congregational Secretary:
Jenny Yoder (1-year term)
IN-MI Conference Delegate 2019:
Steve Garboden (1-year term)
MCUSA Delegate:
John Roth (1-year term)