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The 42 panels atop Berkey church building have produced over 24 megawatts of energy. An equivalent amount of energy produced by Indiana coal power would emit over 19 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere results in temperature rise. The primary source of increased CO2 emissions is  the burning of fossil fuels to meet our energy demands.  

In addition to the solar production at our church building, eight Berkey families have installed solar panels at their homes. The cumulative production of the Berkey community is 240 megawatts of energy. The solar production of the Berkey community has prevented over 181 tons of C02 production. That is the equivalent of planting over 9000 trees.  

Installing solar panels on your home is a great way to care for the earth. Are you interested in learning more about solar energy production? Are you curious about the steps needed to become a solar producer? The creation care committee would be delighted to provide information, and answer questions regarding solar production. To start your journey towards solar energy production contact James Yoder.