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Sherm Kauffman recently donated a wooden bowl to the church which currently rests on the library table. About the bowl he says:
This bowl is made of spalted (decaying) hackberry wood which is rarely used for construction or furniture. This tree was tipped over in a severe storm in June 2014 at BAMF. Most of the wood was used for firewood but a few pieces ended up on a lathe and several bowls were discovered inside the tree.
The bowl is functional, with a food grade finish used inside. It is artistic in that the Creator vested it with unique qualities and beauty. I was privileged to uncover and put on display these unique and beautiful features.
The black lines and white spaces are all part of the decaying process. Hackberry fruit was a nutritious and flavoring part of the Native American diet and loved by birds and some animals.
The piece is titled “Redemption” in that it was salvaged from waste wood. It was also “redeemed” after blowing out one side that hit me full on the face during the turning process. The present bowl was salvaged from two broken pieces.