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An important part of our life at Berkey is selecting people to serve on our Spiritual Leadership Team and commissions. Also important are people who volunteer and participate in many ways. The Leadership Discernment Team (LDT) is asking you to fill out two forms; click the links below to view, download or print the forms. Please note that the the Nominating form is available in a google form that you can fill out and submit or you may select the pdf form.

1. Berkey Gift Discernment Nomination Google Form or select the PDF Form.
You are invited to consider serving the church in one of the positions listed. You may also recommend other members or members-in-process. To help with your nominations view the membership list and current commission list.

2. Berkey Volunteer Form
This form outlines service options available, helps commissions make contacts, and helps you serve where you feel God is calling you. Most of these opportunities are open to regular attendees.
On Sunday, March 11, the Leadership Discernment Team will handout paper copies of the forms and there will be a few minutes allowed during the service to fill them out. Forms should be returned to LDT members: Ruth RothAbbe Buller or Mark Yoder by March 11.