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A special feature in our series, Extending the Table: We All Belong, will be Sunday, July 9. On this Sunday, we will not have a worship service at Berkey, rather we are encouraged to visit other area churches.

A note from our worship series planners:
“We recognize our limits as a congregation, particularly in regards to the diversity of people at God’s table. We seek to reach beyond our comfort zones and connect with others on the journey. At times, we can mistakenly adopt being hosts for “our church” table rather than remembering that we are guests and hosts of God’s table. Being the guests at God’s table in other congregations helps us reflect on our own ability/inability to host, as well as actively recall who is our ultimate Host. Please consider participating in this event as we look deeper into what it means to join in God’s vision of hospitality.”

To further understand the benefits of participating in this action of visiting another church, you are invited to read this article from The Mennonite.

A list of suggested churches to visit including start times, addresses and carpool instructions are in your church mailbox. Extra copies are available on the literature rack. You may also view the list here.