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Berkey Intergenerational Summer Classes
Ages 5-105
June, July, August

Our first Sunday of intergenerational summer classes begins on June 1. There is no prior experience needed or expected for any of the classes. Just come and be ready to enjoy each other and experience God in unexpected ways. The classes are not sequential. Each Sunday stands alone in design, however, all Sundays are held together with a larger theme and some common goals. We hope you take the opportunity to join a class that may be completely new to you — and have fun!

Summer SS Goals:
1. Invite people of different ages in the congregation to interact and know each other by name.
2. Affirm and encourage each other to take risks; everyone participates no matter what age or ability.
3. Notice and name gifts of others.
4. Experience God in unexpected ways.

*There will be 9 Intergenerational Sundays total:
June 1, 15, 22, 29; July 20, 27; August 3, 17, 24

*There will be no Sunday School on following Sundays:
June 8 – “Second Sunday All Church Picnic”
July 6 – Holiday weekend
July 13 – “Second Sunday All Church Picnic”
Aug. 10 – “Second Sunday All Church Picnic”
Aug. 31 – Celebration Sunday

Summer Classes:
1. Discovering God Through Play (cooperative games)
Team Coordinator – James Yoder, Mark Yoder
Team Leaders – Trish Yoder, Doug Baker, Eric Hostetler, Corey Hostetler, Jacob Rudy-Froese, Allan Rudy-Froese, Dave Krabill, John Mast, Neil Richer, Dan Adcock, Dan Nafziger, Nate Shenk, Hannah Caniveri, Lindsay Rheinheimer, Dale Snyder, Kyle Snyder, Jacob Geyer, Tavi Mounsithiraj

2. Discovering God Through Music (jam sessions)
Team Coordinator – Marilyn Rudy Froese, Angela Shenk
Team Leaders –Terri Brenneman, Quinn Brenneman, Andy Martin, Lois Mast, Lane Miller, Morgan Short, Darin Short, Patsy Sherer, Deb Williams, Cindy Warner Baker, Deb Brubaker, Angela Shenk, Patrick Buller, Rachel Schrock, Elizabeth Barahona, Greg Smucker

3. Discovering God Through Art (hands-on art projects)
Team Coordinator – Anne Berry, Beth Berry
Team Leaders – Laura Horst, Randy Horst, Roxanna Sommers, Merrill Krabill, Elize Derstine, Ruth Roth, Lana Smucker, Susan Garboden, Rafael Barahona, Casey Sessa, Seth Krabill, Marcia Weaver, Diane Nafziger, Evie Nafziger, Laverne Nafziger