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Are taxes a necessary evil? That is, if by “evil” we mean something that we disagree with and is also unavoidable. No one really likes money going out of their paychecks – but we do like traveling on smooth roads, driving over safe bridges, building fire stations, and educating our children and our neighbors’ children.

However, taxes that fund war are morally wrong and against the  beliefs of many Mennonites, who cannot in good conscience pay for taxes that fund war and violence.

On June 25, 2013, Representative Lewis re-introduced the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill, H.R. 2483 in the 113th Congress. In addition to Rep. Lewis, there are presently nine co-sponsors for this bill, which would create a fund where taxes could go, so that they would no longer support war.

In order to pass this bill, the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund is getting the word out and asking for support.

Give now.