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Allan DueckAllan Dueck, Bethany Christian Schools Principal, announced his retirement, effective December 31, 2014. “My time as principal at Bethany Christian Schools has been enjoyable and rewarding,” said Dueck. “Bethany is committed to providing learning that lasts and faith that lives. The dedicated faculty and staff make Bethany unique. During my 19 years here, I’ve been deeply impressed with the integration of faith development with academic excellence.”

Allan Dueck has served as principal of Bethany Christian schools since 1995. During his successful tenure he has led the school through stages of innovation in administration and curriculum. He also led the school through several waves of growth and development. His acumen as a school administrator is well known. Less known are his love for the arts and passion for sports.

“I count it a profound privilege to have been able to serve at Bethany—a place that has welcomed my gifts and encouraged my growth as a professional and disciple of Christ. To work with colleagues, board members, parents, donors, and friends committed to nurturing young people to develop their gifts in light of Christ’s call on their lives has been a wonderful vocation.”

Bethany Christian Schools Board Chair Sharon Yoder met with staff and faculty to announce the leadership transition. “The board has been very pleased with Allan’s accomplishments during his tenure,” said Yoder. “With his strong work ethic and excellent administrative skills Allan kept Bethany within budget year after year. He was willing and able to make hard decisions during hard economic times and found creative ways to fuel growth and attract students.”

Yoder and the board have developed plans for the leadership transition. The board has created a succession committee led by Randy Christophel and a search committee led by Jim Alvarez. The board will soon complete the composition of these committees. The committees will in turn begin working within the next 30 days.