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Construction TimeFriday, June 28th

As of Monday night, the ages of our volunteers now spans 70 years (12 to 82). We have made some changes to our original plan. Some of the changes have reduced costs and others have increased expenses. Even with the changes, we are staying within our budget. General clean-up and moving construction waste to the dumpsters helps keep our hired labor costs down. We could use more volunteers to work at general clean-up. If you are planning to help, please contact me so that I can coordinate schedules., or text/phone to (574) 536-1996.

We need volunteers for the following

30-40 minute jobs

  • General cleaning
  • Sort Christian Ed, Worship, and misc. items that came out of back storage room
  • Remove cork board in Music Room

Bigger jobs

  • Move drywall debris to dumpster
  • Remove wall mount bookshelf in Marilyn’s office
  • Remove trim around Marilyn’s office door
  • Remove drywall around door in Marilyn’s office
  • Insulate new walls ( week of July 1)
  • Run speaker wire for 4 sound system monitors



“Construction has begun!”

From June 2013 Renovations, posted by Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship on 6/18/2013 (8 items)

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