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Caregiving Commission has created two forms that congregational members can use both to share their needs and to volunteer to help meet those needs. Both of these forms may be completed on behalf of those without internet access or are sick. Click on the titles to open the forms:

  • Mutual Aid Volunteer form. On this form, you are invited to indicate the different ways that you can provide help to other congregational members in need. These needs may include running errands, providing transportation, holding someone in prayer, making phone calls, and so forth. If you are willing to volunteer, please complete this form as soon as possible.
  • Request for Mutual Aid form. This form may be completed at any time and multiple times as needs arise. The purpose of this form is to match people’s needs with people who have volunteered to help meet those needs. As mentioned, this form may be completed whenever you have a need for mutual aid. In other words, you may complete this form when you have a particular need during one week and then complete it again for the same or another need at a later time.|

The practice of mutual aid is grounded in scripture and has long been emphasized by Mennonites and other Anabaptist believers. From the beginning, “harsh conditions resulting from persecution, famine, and political upheavals motivated believers to gather into communities where they depended on each other for physical and spiritual survival.” (Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online) When we as a congregation look back on these days of a global pandemic, may we see God in the midst of us, strengthening the ties that bind us together by increasing our willingness to share both our needs and our resources with each other.