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In order to receive more responses, Berkey’s Leadership Discernment Team has extended the deadline for you to help identify people with the gifts to serve on commissions and other positions. This process is important to our congregational life, and, so far, only sixteen responses have been received. If you have not yet filled out the Nominating and Volunteer forms, please do so as soon as possible . . . like today. 🙂 Thanks!

  1. Berkey Gift Discernment Nomination Google Form or select the PDF Form. Here you may recommend members or members-in-process for the positions listed. You are also invited to nominate yourself. To help with your nominations view the active in-the-area membership list.
  2. Berkey Volunteer Google Form or select the PDF Form. This form helps commissions make contacts, and helps you serve where you feel God is calling you. Most of these opportunities are open to all regular attendees.