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Here are some books added to the library that may be of interest to the Parenting Sunday School class:
In the Midst of Chaos by Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, theologian, mother and writer who asks what faith and spirituality have to do with parenting and how caring for children in a more intentional and faithful way can benefit parents’ own spiritual and faith lives.
Making a Home for Faith by Elizabeth F. Caldwell who offers guidance to parents and caregivers who want to take an active role in the faith development of their children.
Parenting as a Spiritual Journey by Nancy Fuschs-Kreimer who shows how even the seemingly insignificant moments in a day with your child can be full of spiritual meaning.
Hopes and Fears: Everyday Theology for New Parents and Other Tired, Anxious People by B. McCleneghan & L. Moses, two longtime friends, who are ordinary working mothers. Fortunately, they are also experienced and well-read congregational leaders, and they bring that perspective to their reflections.
Love and Respect in the Family: The Respect Parents Desire; the Love Children Need by Emerson Eggerich who walks the reader through an entirely new way to approach the family dynamic. For instance, God reveals ways to defuse the craziness with our children from preschooler to teen, plus how to motivate them to obey and how to deal with them when they don’t.