At the Peak

March 2, 2014



This story seems unreal. The face of Jesus switching from a lovely brown tone into something that shines like the sun? Come on, how is that possible? Or his clothes shifting from tan to white? Fabric can’t do that. And Moses and Elijah appearing side‐by‐side with Jesus? Those guys had been dead for hundreds of years. What an outlandish story! We in our technology and science‐driven world are skeptical of tales like this. To our rational, well‐educated minds such stories do not compute.

Technology has undeniably made our lives easier, allowing us to do things we couldn’t do otherwise. But surrounding ourselves with technology might also make it harder for us to experience awe and wonder. Most of us are surrounded by electric lights, furnaces and air conditioners, computers, tablets, phones, printers, game consoles, TVs, cooking gadgets, high‐end carpentry tools, cars and trucks and airplanes. We’re so immersed in technology that when a problem arises, our first impulse is to think of a technological solution. When we’re sick, we trust medical technology to save us. When we need energy to sustain the economy, we expect technology to produce more power from solar, wind, or fossil fuels. Do you need some new heads for your electric toothbrush but don’t have the time to run out to the store? No problem; and UPS have already figured out a technological solution for that. If you order online, the new  toothbrush heads will be delivered to your front door tomorrow—and it will only take 3 minutes of your time.

Bible References

  • Matthew 17:1 - 8