April 23, 2014


The challenge of Easter is that we have heard this story so many times, we stop listening to it because we know what happens. We know how it ends. Jesus died, and rose again. End of story. Now what’s for dinner?

That’s the challenge for all of us, preacher and listener alike. We know this is an important story, but we also think there is nothing new to say about it or to hear from it. And it might be true that there is nothing new to say. But what I’ve realized, is that I need to be reminded over and over again about the good news of the resurrection, for I forget what it is I know about the resurrection from year to year. For most of the year, I fail to let the power of the resurrection, the life-giving power of the resurrection, shape my daily life. For most of the year, I live as if Good Friday is the final word.

Bible References

  • John 20:1 - 18