Enthusiastic Collaborators

December 3, 2017




What do you think a holy person looks like? When you get to know someone, what clues suggest to you that this person may be holy? Do you know holiness when you see it?

Consider Tom. Almost every Sunday, Tom came to church all alone and sat in the same chair. He was a quiet man, friendly enough, but not one of those people who goes around and shakes everyone’s hand with a big smile on their face. When he walked into the church building, Tom said hi to a few people and headed for his chair in the sanctuary, where he sat and waited patiently for the service to begin. He sang the songs, closed his eyes during the prayers, dropped something in the offering plate, and listened thoughtfully to the pastor’s sermons. At the break, he poured himself a mug of coffee and chatted with one or two people, then headed off to one of the classrooms for Sunday school. In his class of fellow adults, he rarely talked, preferring to listen more than to speak.

Bible References

  • Luke 1:26 - 38