Uncomfortable Questions

November 12, 2017



Jesus is the answer. That’s a message you might hear from other Christians, read on bumper stickers, or see on billboards. At least one contemporary Christian singer and songwriter, Andraé Crouch, wrote a song called “Jesus is the Answer.” A couple of years ago, Thomas Nelson publishers released a book called The Jesus Answer Book. About a month ago, I ran across a graphic on the internet that insisted Jesus is the answer to your worries, job problems, broken heart, depression, money troubles, cancer, bullying, addiction, anxiety, divorce, loneliness, and death. Jesus is the answer:  it’s a simple, catchy slogan. Whatever troubles you or ails you, go to Jesus the answer man, and he’ll wave a wand and magically fix all your issues.

It all sounds nice, but there’s at least one small problem with this:  it doesn’t match the Jesus of the gospels.