Extravagant Love, Extravagant Mercy

June 16, 2013


There are some stories we know and there are some stories we do not know. Last fall, I noticed on one of my early morning walks in the neighbourhood, that a particular house had about 6 of those very large garbage cans at the street on garbage day. I was horrified that 1 household would produce that much garbage in a week, for I soon noticed that the same number of cans were out every week! Do they not recycle? But even then, I could not come up with a reasonable explanation for how this could be. I felt pretty smug and self‐righteous that we composted our fruit and vegetable scraps, recycled paper, cardboard, glass and tin, and only put out our garbage can when it was full, which was not every week‐‐and it was half the size of one of their big ones! I judged that household to be highly wasteful and certainly not good caretakers of creation!

Well, just the other week, on my early morning walk, I happened by when people from that household were outside, and noticed that several people in wheelchairs were being helped into the van. It was then it hit me that this was no ordinary household, and later learned it is a group home.

Bible References

  • Luke 7:36 - 8:3