Salvation: Therapy, Cure, and Health

June 9, 2013



What do you do when you come to the end of the rope? Where do you go when the lifeline is failing? Where do you go when you are ill and the doctors have tried everything and nothing seems to work? Where do you go when the medical folks say you are dying? Where do you go when you seemingly have no other options?

Sometimes, it depends where you live. For many people in the U.S. today, the answer is “Mayo Clinic.” Mayo Clinic and its associated hospitals claim to “form the largest integrated medical center in the world, providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment in virtually all medical and surgical specialties. More than 350,000 patients from all walks of life seek answers at Mayo Clinic each year. Thus, Mayo Clinic becomes the place to go when all else fails.

Bible References

  • Mark 3:9 - 10
  • Mark 5:21 - 43



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