November 9, 2014



Almost anytime I call Jan during the day, or send her an email (unless someone is listening in or others are copied), or just see her at the end of the day — I will almost always start out with, “So. Do you still love me?” Now Jan says that this is just because I am pathetic and need lots of reassurance — and she is right. But I always find it something of a miracle that people DO love me. Jan. My kids. Family. Friends. Brothers and sisters here in this church! Colleagues at work!

If these little children here could talk and you were to ask them “Are you loved?” They would respond “well DUH! Look how adorable I am. Who wouldn’t love this?” Little ones rightly feel that they deserve to be loved. Young children can sing “Jesus Loves Me” with abandon because OF COURSE Jesus would love them!

Bible References

  • Mark 11:12 - 14
  • Mark 11:20 - 26
  • Matthew 5:21 - 24