Hearts, minds, and possession

March 21, 2021




This dirt is mine.

Well, it’s my wife Sarah’s too, and yes, it’s mostly the bank’s. But let’s not get distracted by the details.
Under the law, this dirt is mine because I paid for the exclusive right to call it mine, and what that means is that no one else can call it theirs. I have the right to control it, to develop it, to exploit it, to do almost anything I want with it — at least, that is, until I sell it or otherwise give up my right. You see, this dirt came from the half acre of land that I have purchased as my property, and my property includes everything that is found on it: my house, my driveway, my trees, my flowers, and my ferns that are threatening to overtake my yard.

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine (and Sarah’s and the bank’s).

Bible References

  • John 12:20 - 33