Seeing is Believing

April 18, 2021


There are four post-resurrection stories in this, the last chapter of Luke. This morning’s text is the next-to-last one. It immediately follows the account of the two disciples walking on the Emmaus road who didn’t recognize Jesus until he broke bread, blessed it, and gave it to them.

Three things interest me about this morning’s episode: What Jesus asked his disciples to do; the questions he asked them; and how his disciples responded to this post-resurrection appearance of Jesus. On this last point, look at the specific words: they were startled, terrified, frightened, joy(ful), disbelieving, and wondering. Tell me now, which was it? Were they startled, terrified, frightened, and disbelieving, or joy(ful) and wondering.

Bible References

  • Luke 24:36b - 48