Jesus, in particular

May 17, 2020


My scripture comes from Acts chapter 17, verses 21 through 34.
Before I read it, though, I want to give you a little context on what’s been happening,
So, “Previously, in Acts . . , “
Paul, Silas, and Timothy, have been on the road
traveling through what is now modern-day Turkey and Greece.
When they get into Greece, it’s a whole new territory for them –
Paul has not preached here before, and it’s rough going.

In city after city, they go to the synagogues, for the most part,
and then they open the scriptures to explain
that the promised Messiah was to suffer, die, and rise again.
They proclaim how this prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus.
This message is accepted by a great many people, both Jews and Greeks.
But they get thrown in prison and beaten, they incite riots,
and they have to leave several cities for their own and others’ safety.
This is how Paul winds up in Athens, alone.

Bible References

  • Acts 17:21 - 34